Fan control with Zooz Zen31

I'm not quite sure where to post this as it's not necessarily and request for help. It's more a "double check if my idea is crazy" post.

I've set up a two 24v DC fans to run in my loft as destratification fans. I'm using the Zen31 dimmer with each fan running on a single channel and just setting the parent level for the desired fan speed. I've used several sets of fans and burned up one zen31 running two fans on the same channel but things are working reasonably well now. Each fan pulls a max of 2 amps which seems well within the limits of the zen31 (10 amps total or 6 on a single channel).

The current fans are 10 inch Orion brand with a section of 10 inch conduit to guide better down draft and suspended a few inches from the open ceiling joists. They're about 10 feet from the floor, so out of reach for my kid.

I have a rule set up to turn on the fans when a temperature sensor in the loft gets above a certain level and turn off when below.

I've searched and not found a similar thread. The PWM function of the sen31 seems to working fine for this despite not really being designed for fan control. Has anyone used a similar setup? Are there any considerations I should make for longevity or safety?