False alarms in HSM with Konnected Door Sensors

Have been hoping to switch completely to Hubitat Safety Monitor using my integration with Konnected Pro boards and a wired DSC alarm system and sensors. Problem I have been having however is multiple false intrusion alarms, particularly on Door/Contact sensors. Does anyone have recommendations on settings to use to for contact sensors in particular to help eliminate these false alarms. I was wondering if adjusting the 'Too many events alert threshold" value might help with this? Have been playing around with this a bit but can find no documentation on what to use or how to trace these phantom alarms. For example, today we were away from house and HSM was armed. About an hour after leaving got notification of an 'intrusion' via one door. The event log for the device does not show this intrusion. I had to remotely disarm to get the alert to stop.

Hi @family5,

I realize this response is off topic but having had some experience dealing with home owners’ insurance (at least in the US), my strong preference and recommendation is to NOT transition fully from a UL approved, dedicated security system (your DSC system, great Canadian company BTW) entirely to HSM which runs on a great (make that fantastic) home automation platform, but whose developers themselves do not recommend using as a dedicated primary security platform. If the Hubitat staff could chime in (as I do not wish to mis-speak for them) regarding relying on the Hubitat Hub for mission critical things such as security and smoke/fire/CO duties, I think that would be prudent for you to consider their advice.

That having been said, I cannot address your specific question as I moved away from the Konnected platform (due to the extra wiring, cost of multiple modules etc) to the Envisalink (all 64 zones individually monitored/covered with only one 4 wire connection to my DSC panel). I do have my Envisalink “linked” to Hubitat so that all my sensors can be used in home automation, but the DSC panel handles all actual security responsibilities (as dictated by my insurance company to qualify as being covered by a security system). JMHO. Take is for what its worth. I hope you find a resolution for your false alarms, but this may also be an indication that it may not be in your best interest to rely wholly on HSM for your security needs.