Failure to connect

I’m having real issues connecting reliably to my C-8. The unit is hard-wired to my TP-Link XE75 mesh network. I use an iPhone 14 and 15 and an iPad 4th gen to connect to the hub. I rarely open the app without going to another device to access a dashboard. Usually, I get the revolving dots or stuck progress bar.

I’m driven to use the app because of an issue such as an app not operating as usual or a set of lights not turning off. Many of those issues are random, so I need to use the app. In most cases, I’m forced to go to find hubs and hit search to connect to the hub. Sometimes, I can use the Connect to Hub button, but not often. I do have Hub Protect and Remote Admin subscription. So, I should have no issues connecting within the network and remotely.

How do I diagnose this problem?

Platform version:
Hardware version: Rev C-8
Diagnostics tool version: 1.1.113
IP address: