Failing to register hub

I have rebooted the hub 5 times, logged out of and back into the portal multiple times. I'm on the same lan as the hub so what is the secret to registering the hub?

Contact The team will help you get it sorted out quickly.

Thanks. Already did.

I found out recently something that is so obvious, in hindsight...

I registered a (2nd) Hub, for testing.. and then put it back in it's box for a month. When I pulled it out, I factory reset it and the darn thing wouldn't register. So obvious.. I had to get Support to clear the registration keys at their end. Worked perfectly after that, of course.

Moral to the story.. sometimes it needs a human to click a button there at Hubitat to get it to work as intended.

Also just in case youโ€™re impatient like me, I believe others have reported that it can take several minutes for the portal to find your hub.

How long have you let it sit there searching before rebooting the hub?