Failing to Flash Lights

Hi all,

I am just starting to use Hubitat Safety monitor and want to flash a few LED lamps I have. Two of the lamps are Linkind White LED lamps, that work great via the dashboard I have created for testing, with regards turning them on and off. The 3rd lamp is an Innr RGBW lamp which again I can change the colour via the dashboard as well as turn it on and off.

I have added the 3 lamps to the section of Safety Monitor to flash when an intruder is detected, on activation of an alarm the lamps do not flash, but a socket I have in the same group of devices that should flash, does turn on and off.

What have I done wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated

"Flash" is not a standard capability or command but is more or less treated as such by some stock apps (which may let you choose a device for it even though it won't work with that device). For it to work, you must see a "Flash" command/button on your device page. This is under "Commands" towards the top. This will ultimately depend on the device itself and what driver you're using for it. If it's there but not working, then there's a different problem, but this is a good place to start.

Hi Bertabcd1234,

Thankyou for the advice, the bulbs in question do not have the flash button under the command section, which answers the question. I have found a User App called ' The Flasher' which I am going to give a go.

Thanks again

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