Fading over time?

I am trying to set the linen closet light in the hallway, to fade to off over 5 seconds when the door is closed. But no matter the numbers, it will always turn off in 1 second. I'm still learning how to use Hubitat. I have a lot of devices and automations added, things are going well. I just struggle to figure out how to made this fade over time, as well as LIFX flashing patterns but right now lets focus on having the hue light fade over 5 seconds. Can someone correct me? Thanks!

It looks like that is set up correctly, but it depends on the device supporting the "fade" parameter. You can test this on the device page directly, leaving Rule Machine out of the picture: look for the "Set Level" command (button) towards the top of the page. Put in 0 for the level and 5 for the transition time, then hit the button to execute the command, and see what happens. You can experiment with different values here to see if they give you different results. For example, 5 might be too long of a time, or 0 might be a "special" value that the driver treats differently and can't fade with (see if 1 works? you'd still have to turn it off afterwards, e.g., after a 5 second delay, if you do this).

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I tried going to the device list and picking a hue light next to me. I've changed the transition time to 5 seconds, saved it. Turned it on and it still comes on over 1 second, regardless of the choices. I'm assuming that the time doesn't do anything. The other settings such as hue, saturation and all that, works. Only the transition time doesn't?

I should add, I do notice another function, "fade dimmer level over time" and that one works, but it is a minimum of one minute, with it literally dimming at certain intervals, such as down 10% every x seconds. And that's too long, though.

Yeah, that's an RM-specific feature that works in the way you describe, simulating a similar effect, usually over a longer time, by scheduling repeated "Set Level" commands. The single "Set Level" command with a fade (transition) time requires the drive to respect both values, which is why I suggest trying that on the device page directly to see if you can figure anything out.

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