External contact Sensor recommendation

For years I have used a Zwave Fibaro door sensor with external contacts to a traditional door bell push. I then wrap some routines around that to notify inside the house or our phones etc.

I have not managed to successfully exclude and include that sensor in my new Hubitat system. I have gone back to Fibaro and used instructions they gave me as well as numerous other suggestions from Google.

Given it is a rather old Gen 5 device I am looking for an alternative either Zigbee or Zwave.

I did manage to get a aqara water sensor to pair with Hubitat and report when contact was made, but the dwell time on the contact is too long for a doorbell press to trigger the sensor.

I am now looking for any recommendations that are known to work with Hubitat and available in the UK?

One thing you might try is a leak detector. These sensors have two terminals on the bottom. If water contacts both terminals, the circuit will be completed and the event will be reported to Hubitat. I have both Zigbee and Z-wave leak detectors. the Zigbee ones tend to be less expensive.

To get your push button to work, all you would need is to wire the leads from the button to the terminals of the leak sensor.

There are also button controller devices that have the button and transmitter in the same box. I have not used one, so I cannot vouch for the operation. Most of the devices labeled as "contact sensors" contain a reed switch that is operated by a magnet. I doubt that is what you want.

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