Extending range of radio

I recently setup my Hubitat. It's sitting on top of my switch in my closet. It's a maximum distance of 35 feet from any of my z-wave devices, yet pairing and operation after pairing is very spotty - some will not connect.
After much research, I'm wondering if I have a bad radio, or just limitations of surrounding frequencies/interference.
Has anyone had any luck adding on an external 900Mhz / ISM antenna? I'm considering trying this.
Here's an example of a cheap 5dBi omni I'm considering trying to add on. The extra distance this would give me would allow me to control outdoor lighting, etc.

Do you have the new C5 hub with the built in antennas or the hub with the USB antenna dongle?

If you have the one with the USB, I used a 15ft male to female USB extension cable to get the antenna far enough away from the switch rack it sits in.

I have the new C5 hub. It's a slick device, just wish it had external antenna capabilities. I'm not opposed to getting out my soldering iron, was just hoping for some other ideas.

I'd get your Hub off the top of your Switch as that's not what I'd call an ideal location.
It sounds like you're just getting setup so maybe try using a more isolated location away from other electrical gear.
Also what sort of construction is your house and at what distance are you seeing problems.
The more we know about your setup the more value you'll be able to take out of the assistance you're likely to get.

You can do what @njanda suggested or go to town attempting to rig up something. :rofl:

I would check if it seems ok in a better spot first. Last thing you want to do is hack away at a new hub and find out it was faulty before you took it apart and can’t return or replace it.

Is there any wall/ceiling mount that works well with the hub?

Does the C5 have the same mounting holes as the older versions?

Outside of using those, would be nice to know if there is a mounting bracket that fits.

Check out Thingiverse for 3D printed mounts but as this is likely a C5 hub, it’s very new.

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