Extended Power Outage - what will it do to my mesh?

Hello - I have a solar panel installation going on and originally the outage was expected to be for 1 hour. However, they "found" that my main circuit breaker is bad and now it will not stay on - possibly extending the outage for a much longer time. I shut down HE before they disconnected power.

What can I expect when the power comes back on in terms of the zibgee/z-wave mesh? Should I just let it build back on its own or are there steps that I should follow to ensure that my devices behave as they should?

On a C-5, FW Thanks for your help.

I had a 4 hour, 2:30am - 6:30am, outage about 10 days ago and everything came back with no difficulty. I believe the memory within the Z-Devices are NVRAM... they remain across power fails, but I could easily be wrong.

I have a lot of gear and the 5 Hubitat hubs are not the first thing I chase. The DNS and DHCP server doesn't come online nearly as fast as the hubs so I have a good sized wait on that server in comparison. Then I chase down any problems caused by devices giving up waiting on DHCP.

I distinctly remember walking into a room on the way to check the Fiber Internet router and having the lights come on. "Well, guess I don't have to check the hubs" went through my head... :smiley:

I'd give it a good 5-10 mins after power comes back before getting concerned, is my advice. :smiley: Maybe even going so far as to unplug the power brick til you know your DHCP server is up. It was at least 20 mins between the power coming back for ME and getting around to looking at the Hubs. (I have 5 of them to babysit. 2 C-5's and 3 C-7's)

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My fiber modem and mesh routers are on two different UPS, so I think that may be OK for at least another hour. They found the part and someone is supposed to be bringing it over :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hopefully things will come back online smoothly!

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