Existing trigger can't be seen/selected on Select Trigger Events screen

In one of my rules, if I go to the Select Trigger Events screen the trigger is not displayed and isn't shown in the Edit or Delete drop-downs. I checked a few other rules (with and without required expressions in case that was a factor) and they are not showing this problem.

Anyone seen this and know of a fix aside from recreating the rule?

I would suggest you remove that rule and recreate it. DB corruption? No telling really.

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Figured as much, thought I'd report it just in case.

Is a soft reset potentially of any help in a situation like this?

Decided to try it just for fun...after soft reset issue is still there, so will recreate the rule.

Any database restore does a soft reset -- no reason to do them separately.

You simply restored a db that has the missing trigger.

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Yup. I realized that in a moment of unusual (for me) clarity a few minutes ago while I was re-creating the rule. Was coming back to mea culpa/note that, but you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Must be nap time... :wink:

Also meant to thank you for this tidbit...we (ambassadors) have been doing these steps separately (and telling others to do them) for a while. Very helpful to understand that is unnecessary.

Super easy to reproduce this problem if you try to create a new rule in rule machine by importing a rule from Simple Automation Rules. After that I can't delete a trigger.
This is the Simple Automation Rule I tried to import:

I will check it out.

Interesting, I can reproduce your findings, but only if there are Restrictions in the original SAR. I will track this down, it's a bug in the importing evidently.


Do you think with your fix I will be able to delete the trigger or I will need to start from scratch? Btw cloning the broken rule from Rule Machine created the same issue in the new rule but I guess it was expected...

Yes, it will self correct. Next release.

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