Execute RM rule no more than once per X minutes


A question that came up as I was testing TTS on chromecast...

Is there a way to make a RM rule run no more than once every x minutes? Wife was getting annoyed with rapid door open messages and asked if could only do it, say, once per minute no matter how many times the door was opened in that minute?


Try this and see if it works...


That didn't work for me. Still says the message every time I open the door - even 5 seconds apart.

I'll play around with those options, though.


I forgot the most important part :man_facepalming: ...make sure you select "Enable/Disable with Private Boolean" in the restriction section. Sorry about that.


I just tested this, it works as intended with the Private Boolean restriction selected.


LOL. I did try turning on that option, as I assumed it was needed. But the rule wouldn't run at all since my private boolean was already false (probably because of other messing around I did)...

I redid the rule, and of course it works correctly now.

Thanks for the suggestion!!!