Excluding and including inaccessible Z wave plus devices

My Hubitat hub is on order, so time to start planning the migration.
I have 50 ish ZW+ devices to move from ST.
I'll start with the nearby ones and then spread out....
Here's the question, to which I'm 90% certain the answer is "you idiot, why did you do that, no there's no workaround".
When I built the house & installed the devices, I really didn't need or want wall switches for all of the devices - things like balcony lights were going to be auto controlled, or digitally paired up with another switch.
So I included the Fibaro dimmer/switch to ST, and then installed the device in behind the isolator, or off to one side by a different switch.
Now it comes to migration time, not an event I had envisaged (especially only 3 years after setup).
Is there any way to move a ZW+ device from ST to Hubitat without physical access to the device or a switch connected to it?
I don't think there is, is there....

Unfortunately, you need access to either the pairing button on the device or a single-pole switch hooked to it that you can flip multiple times to put it into pairing mode to exclude then include.

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