Exclude attribute list size of attribute > 1024 characters

Just noticed this two days ago. I'm getting them as well. They appear when I open or close any dashboard, but not while using it (as far as I can tell).

Are you using any of the "special" devices like super tiles or anything like that? I would try removing devices that you are no longer actively displaying on the dashboard and see if one of them is the culprit.

I'm not sure what makes a "special" device or what a super tile is. All I have are regular devices such as switches, motion, bulbs, locks, etc. I have no tiles such has displaying of RM variables and the like. The warnings started showing when I updated to the latest release. It doesn't seem to affect the dashboard display, just the warning.

Yes. On one dashboard. But the issue also occurs with other dashboards that are all "vanilla".

I'm seeing these as well.

I'm using two Hub Watchdog virtual devices, and the warnings coincide with the loading of a Dashboard that uses those devices, even though I'm not using the "list1" attribute in any display tile.

AH! I have the hub watchdog but haven't been running it for a week or so but I still have it's device in my device list. But the watchdog device is not in any of my dashboards. But for the size of that one device it definitely over 1024 bytes

I just cleared the data from my Hub Watchdog device and the warning no longer is showing up when launching the dashboard.

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Yeah, it won't matter if the device is displayed or not. It will still load the data when the dashboard is loaded. Tagging @bptworld. Appears there's an issue with Hub Watchdog having an Attribute of 1024 characters causing an error.

No issue at all with HW. The problem is that the dashboard is looking at attributes that are NOT even selected to be displayed. Major issue with the dashboard, not with any particular app or device.

Also, the line in the log is a 'Warn' not an 'Error' BIG difference!

Time to bring in the Dashboard guru: @patrick

@patrick isn't around any more I'm pretty sure. He hasn't posted in over a month and according to his LinkedIn he left Hubitat in September.

But any change to the way that Dashboards load devices to allow you to have an attribute over 1024 characters is an awfully big ask for one custom app. And we all know Hubitat's opinion about user apps. But at least we know the answer at this point. Either ignore it or remove Hub Watchdog.

I'm not sure why you are specifically selecting HW to pick on. This will effect ANY device that has ANY attribute that is larger than 1024. In HW, the attribute 'list1' is the raw data used in the app, not meant to be displayed on the dashboard. The attributes dataPoint1, dataPoint2, dataPoint3, etc. are formatted and designed to display on the dashboards. So again, there is NO ISSUE with Hub Watchdog.

@bravenel, @mike.maxwell - Could you please let us know if Patrick is still with us or who is now responsible for the upkeep of the Dashboard app? Thanks!

I'm not picking on anything. I've never seen a device with an attribute over 1024 characters. the switch attribute has 2 or 3. level only has 2 or 3. Thee longest attribute I can think of for a normal device is "vent economizer" in the thermostat capability. And that's only 15. You want hubitat to change the way that devices load so that HW can have an attribute over 1024 characters. That just doesn't seem practical IMHO.

That's not what I said at all. I said the dashboard shouldn't be looking at attributes that the user hasn't even selected to be displayed.

But it does. Obviously. So, you want them to change it so it doesn't? Okay. How do you determine what attributes can be displayed on a dashboard and which ones can't? It loads the whole device and then populates the dashboard. It can't selectively go through and only pull specific attributes.

Ok, so I only want to display one attribute from a weather device, so the dashboard is going to load all 30 attributes!? Just to display one. Yeah, that makes sense.

But whatever, you right... you're always right. I'm not arguing with you about anything anymore.

Have a great day!

It's not a big deal folks. I seen the warning and didn't know what caused it. I didn't realize that the dashboard processes all the devices so it though me off. It doesn't cause any issue other than a warning in the log.

How else is it going to load? When you load the device you load all the attributes and then pull out the ones you want. But you can't pull some of them out until you've loaded all the ones that are there. If you wanted to pull the ace of diamonds out of a deck of cards, the most efficient way to do that is to flip over all the cards and then pull that one out. How else are you going to find the ace? Randomly start pulling cards? Dashboards is doing the same thing. It loads the device (flips all of it's attributes over) but the problem is, it can't flip over an attribute that's over 1024 characters. Seems like an easy fix to just not have an attribute over that long.

Right? Right has nothing to do with it. Obviously Dashboards can not handle a device attribute with over 1024 characters. I just don't think that is a hub problem. You seem to think that it is.

Bottom line...this is how it works today. Anything to make it different would be a change to the system. And, IMHO, it is not very practical to make a change to allow an attribute to be over 1024 characters when there is no good reason for an attribute to be that long.

I don't know if you deliberately take the contrarian view because you like an argument, but I think it is pretty obvious that @bptworld isn't saying that he hub should change so that dashboards should be able to display attributes with more than 1024 characters. What he is saying is that the dashboard shouldn't be accessing an attribute that isn't being requested to be displayed.

As this issue has only appeared after a recent update it seems to me something has changed in the firmware either by design or by accident. Regardless of size of attribute it doesn't make much sense for the dashboard to load all of them just to display one.

How else is it going to pull out the ones it wants without first loading them?

Is "load" the word you have a problem with? Open? Query? It doesn't really matter what you call it. To parse data, the software has to look at it. When it does, if any one piece of data is longer than 1024 characters, that causes an error. You can either change the way the devices open/remove the limit or make your device compliant with that. Those seem to be the only two options available. And no one has given me an alternative that makes any sense.

Originally, Dashboard attributes were limited in size to 256 bytes. We changed that back in March to 1024. This warning has been there all along.