Excited to join the community!

My HE is on the way!!! Just finished setting a Lutron Pro Bridge and six dimmers. Easiest 4-way switch I have ever installed (2 pico's, one at a new location!). I have a BS in EET, so I am eager to contribute. My primary language is visual basic, but have learned C# by tinkering with arduinos, and have had a few Java classes. That should give me a baseline for .groovy. My first major project is going to try and get Envisalink for Vista 20p panels to not need nodeproxy. I will be bugging @brianwilson and @doug in a couple weeks once I get the basics down. After that, I want to mess with controlling addressable LEDs using the FASTled library, and an ESP8266. I have been digging around the ST_Anything code and Hubduino. I have a lot to learn!


Man it would be great if we didn’t need the proxy. I looked at what was required to go the native telnet route and couldn’t translate the work Doug did to vista. I’ll be glad to help/test, however.

I used static maps for the protocol, so it should be straight forward conversion.