Excited to be migrating!

Just ordered my HE. Currently a ST customer but we're moving to "the boonies" and my only real source of internet connection is going to be a nearby cellular tower. I saw the HE at the perfect time! We'll be moving in about a month and this gives me time to get my system migrated and set up before the big move. One less thing stressing my network.

Curious if anyone else is in a similar situation and could comment on how it's working out for them?


You should not worry about cellular connection, I have a switch with WAN failover option and the secondary internet is cellular, everything works fine.

Welcome to Hubitat!

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Two years ago I moved into the house I am in now. Its on 5 acres in the middle of a forest and for now only has DSL. First, I installed SmartThings, but it was crazy slow almost unusable if I was downloading anything, or streaming youtube / netflix, and was very unreliable. I switched to Hubitat around a year ago. Everything is super responsive now even if the internet is down.


A large reason for my immediate conversion to HE was the data amount on cell hotspots that other hubs used. It has been working great on a wireless cell hot spot, and has cut my data use tremendously. And it works really well. And the support is fantastic. And it is across the board (for me) truly dependable. (If it does not work, I have to find out what I did wrong!)
I do look forward to the day when I get back on wired internet, but HE has nothing to do with it.


Awesome! Thank you guys for sharing. It just arrived today so I'll begin migrating things over asap.