Exceptions thrown by Rule Machine in platform

Just wanted to report the following exception that Rule Machine just threw me:

2019-12-04 08:30:52.200 errororg.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Column "disabled" not found [42122-197] on line 587 (ruleList)

I'm running the latest update to the Hubitat platform, the one released a couple days ago.

I would provide more context, but I wasn't actually doing anything with Rule Machine at the time. I just happened to see this when I was looking at the logs for something else, so I unfortunately don't have any idea of the context/cause.


… and another one. I've included the log entry immediately preceding the RM exception, which is from hours earlier and not related. I'm going to assume this may be arising from a rule of mine that's firing overnight. I will try to look into what that could be, as I don't normally leave logging on for all my rules.

Here is another one I just saw:

And here is the rule to which this exception is attributed in my logs:

These are database errors, meaning that your db could be corrupted. You might want to download a backup of your db, and then Soft Reset your hub, and restore that backup to it. Soft Reset is at you hub ip address:8081.

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Thanks, @bravenel. I will look into this

EDIT: I have completed a soft reset + restore, but I am still getting errors like this on a number of different rules (three almost-identical exceptions like this thrown overnight by three different rules, for example):

I assume I probably don't have a good way of fixing these without doing a full reset, is that correct? I'm not noticing any issues other than these log entries, and a full reset would be a huge pain, so I wouldn't probably consider that right now and would just live with the errors. Please let me know, however, if you can think of something else to try. Thanks

Hi, @bravenel. I just updated to, and within a few minutes, I have gotten the following exception attributed in my logs to Rule Machine generally and not to any particular rule:

Could you post a the Apps Page where it shows all of your rules, and also the App Status page for Rule Machine (gear icon), parent app.

Sure, here you go:

Nothing odd looking there. Do you know what you had just done that prompted that error? Or was it a one time thing?

I think I was just sitting at my computer at the time. It's possible a rule fired, but the logs don't give any clues, unfortunately. I just checked again, and I have since gotten a different exception thrown at the same line:

Ah, this is a database issue. You may have a corrupted database. There are a couple of things you should do: Download a backup of your database, and then restore it. If that doesn't clear the problem up, then do a Soft Reset (your hub-ib:8081), and restore from the downloaded db.

Okay, I’ll try the soft reset + restore again. I did the soft reset + restore once already (before updating to the latest platform version), but it doesn’t seem to have resolved the database issue.

I suppose the only other options are (1) live with the errors and hope nothing worse happens or (2) hard reset and start over (which I’m not going to do)? Any other suggestions? Many thanks.....