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I do not own one but looking at the data sheet it should work just make sure you get the
XU-Z11 version.
A lot more money than the Xbee3.
It also does not look like it has as good of range as the Xbee3. (66 feet vs 3937 feet)



I use it with...

I also bought an antenna and a little extension cable so I could mount everything in a box

You can probably buy the bits cheaper but I wanted it quickly



I have bought enclosures for Arduino boards before. I found this one for an Xbee with a Parallax USB board:

I don’t own one of these but just wanted to point out you have options to make your xbee look clean.


Similarly, here's one for the Grove board, for Xbees with PCB antennas.


ArstenA is me... When I designed this I had the intention of using TPU so it is flexible and easier to open and close. This enclosure is working quite good so far.


Is it possible to have the xbee as a repeater but set it not to accept any device for routing?


Can you elaborate? A repeater is the same thing as a router in xbee-speak.


Ok, is there a setting to prevent other zigbee devices from using this as a repeater. Like @vjv, I just want this for mapping but when I do a scan. I see at least 10 devices connecting to this xbee. Removing this after the scan screw up my mesh and some device needed a reset.


Ah, you mean connecting only as an endpoint, and using the mapping feature.

The software says it can't be done, however somehow I was able to do it on my first try. I posted a screenshot above. But I haven't been able to replicate it since, so I don't know if it was a fluke or if I inadvertently exposed some loophole.


Can anyone recommend a device like the Xbee to do Zwave?

I was having issues with my Zwave network which I found but would have been way faster if I had a Zwave mapping device.


It isn't an online solution like Xbee... But... Zensys Tools if on Windows and OZWCP if on *nux.

Oh, and there is always this, too... For those that really want to mess around (cheapest price I've ever seen it - $149).


Does anyone know how to completely remove the Xbee from Hubitat? I removed it from the device list but when I do a scan it still shows as connected to HE. Is there a way to completely remove it? Thanks


You must delete the xbee config, doing a reflash.


So I reset the config to default and re flash? Do you mean re flash the firmware with the defaults?


I think just resetting the config to default and writing it would do the trick, but I would reflash it for furure it's ready to be paired


Ok I'll try that. Thanks for your help!


I've got a weird thing going on. The XBee only shows up the routers, not the end points. I have a stack of them.

I've made sure they are active on the network, and also I've been pressing them (buttons, etc).

What what make it do this? Do I have a setting incorrect somewhere?

Edit: i've checked all those DNI's and they are all routers. I have at least 20 endpoints somewhere in there too, just not sure why they are not appearing.


Was this working and then just stopped working, or you're trying to get setup for the first time?


I just re-added my Xbee to the mesh (it has been added before). I was away for 5 weeks and turned it off.

What would cause something to eat endpoints? And not send the information on to the XBee?

Edit: I do have a few Xiaomi power sockets, which I heard over at SmartThings that they dont operate well as repeaters. They seem to be working well at repeaters, although I do have a few issues recently, so I want to map my mesh and see what's going on.


Hmmm, no experience with the Xiaomi sockets. I'm running Trådfri and no issue. However, like you I have not powered mine up for a bit of time. I may just be in for a surprise.

Will try that later tonight and let you know if I see anything weird. Are you running XCTU on Windows or Mac?