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These are my current settings...




Thank you,

Could you post what you have on top of networking?

Is something like this:




Thank you so much, I appreciate your help.

I will work with this tonight.


What zigbee channel are you using?
I optimized my network before I got my Xbee and I use channel 20
It looks like @eibyer is using channel 19 (so that should work as well)
but I have never gone through all the channels to ensure all channels work with the Xbee
I have seen other zigbee devices not work with some channels.
I found channel 20 worked best for my setup.

the only other settings I have different is
KY = 5a6967426565416c6c69616e63653039 (standard home automation key)
(but will be blank after you write and try to read again it is a write only option for security)
NH = FE (latest firmware 1005 maximum is FE now) (I set to max so devices could travel farther by being able to travel through more routers)


Channel 25, I did everything as @eibyer but honestly I did not get anything working, HE doesn't see the xbee or xbee can't see my network, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do an extra step to make the xbee discoverable.


unfortunately channel 25-26 were the worst channels I tested with my other zigbee devices.
Some switches and other devices just would not see the network on that channel.
sorry it's a pain but once you change all your devices over to channel 20 a lot of other issues will fix themselves as well.
for myself I determined channel 20 by taking 3-4 different device types that were hard to pair and I changed my Hubitat hub 1 channel at a time and tried to pair each device 3-4 times on each channel and see how long it took each to pair. Then I narrowed it down to a small group of channels that paired the fastest and repeated the test until I concluded that channel 20 for me paired the best.


Thanks for the suggestion, I don't have any mesh issues, I want to use the xbee for the mapping, I'm just curious and to use it in my friends systems if needed, but I can try to change my channel, if I change the channel, all the devices should follow the change or I must re-pair some of them?


I should note that after you change the hubs zigbee channel to change all your other zigbee devices over to a different channel you do not have to remove them you just have to put your hub in discovery mode and pushing the pairing button on each device and the channel should change automatically.

You may not have mesh issues now but as you add different devices in the future you may and this will likely be the issue.


Thanks, that will be a problem, I thought they will follow the hub, another issue is, I'm a little concerned with wifi interference, I have multiple google wifi devices and I can't choose the channel, I'm not sure if channel 20 will be in the interference area.


Others say they will follow the hub after they have been off the network for a period of time but I have never found that maybe I just do not have the patience to wait and see. faster to just push the pairing button. My Xiaomi devices never seem to auto update the channel I had to push their pairing button.
Yes I changed my wifi channel on my internet router away from channel 20 as well.


One last question, if I change the channel to 20, how I make the xbee discovered?

Thanks for your help @NoWon


just put the hub in discovery mode and cycle the power on the Xbee it should appear as a device.
Just leave it as a device and it will work fine. If it doesn't see it within a few minutes try pushing the reset button. It's been a few months since I added my last one but mine showed up right away


Thank you! I will try the channel change tomorrow during the day.


I'm not at home but I changed the channel remotely to 20, all devices changed but not the presence sensors, easy! Thanks, more testing soon.

Edit: XBEE is working now!!! Now to fix the presence sensors. Thank you all for the help!!


Okay, I'm in - this looks fun. Just purchased a XB3-24Z8ST and the grove board. The actual XBee probably won't get here til late January, but that's ok. I believe I have an antenna laying around here somewhere.


Hello again,

I liked the map but I have one issue, the config was for a router, then some devices start to use the xbee as a router, then I can't see the real route of some devices, when I changed the xbee from router to end device it pairs with HE as a device, I can read the xbee and see it is paired but when I try to map the network the map just has the xbee, nothing else, what I'm doing wrong?
I used your settings for end device.


sorry you can not use end point config to map the mesh only router settings. I only added end device settings to save anyone some time who wanted to develop the Xbee for other uses.

When mapping as a router just power down the Xbee before you add any new device. Then power the Xbee back on after you take the hub out of discovering mode.
That way new devices you add will not see and join the Xbee router.
Then map your network.
End devices unless they are not paired well and lose connection to their original router will not change routers. at least not that I have seen on my network.
To be clear if a device is going through a bad router and that router fails the end device may (depending on device brand/type) join a different router.

For example my Xiaomi do not like to automatically rejoin a new router by themselves. I have to push their button to re pair them and then they will join a new router but another device just for example like a GE switch or SmartThings sensor may automatically rejoin a new router if it's original router fails (like I said I have never really test devices automatically rejoining).


Thank you for your information and advice.

Well, I saw about 3 devices were connected to the xbee, but I'm testing the new channel 20, I have all devices with -69 rssi or better, I don't remember the rssi with channel 25.


I had problems when (initially) I was using channel 25. I switched down to 20 and the Zigbee devices have been working well since. I believe my SmartThings hub was using 14.