Everything quit working last night

Everything quit working last night, just as we went to bed.

Got up this morning and got on the computer and went to open Hubitat. I acts like a whole new hub and wants me to do a setup. I have the "Get Started" screen. Have I lost everything I have done? Where do I go from here?
Thank you.

No, you have not lost everything. It looks like your hub had database corruption and reset itself.

You need to do a "Soft Reset". Here's the relevant portion of the Hubitat documentation:


Please pay careful attention to the section titled "Restoring a Previous Database"


Thank you.
All that worked perfect and I am back up and running.
Added that link to my notes.
Appreciate the help


This could be an indicator for the problem with the ZWave mesh.
My C-7 did this couple times.
All was about few ghost plus few not really compatible devices
(mostly Zooz toys).
There are already few related topics regarding ZWave mesh
stability on C-7 hub(s).

I had this happen on my C7 Hub. When reviewing the logs it showed several references to a database problem. I just restored from backup and everything was up and running again fine. I would also suggest you check for ghost devices as the previous poster mentioned. They seem to wreak havoc on a Zwave mesh

Did you possibly have any power blips or outages? That reportedly can cause this on occasion.

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A lot of those issues have been ironed out in the subsequent updates over the last several months. The only Zwave issues I have had have been of my own making. Either placing the hubs on a metal shelf, or not turning energy reporting off and updating the firmware on my zooz double plugs (mainly because I don't need them that badly and don't want to hassle with looking up invoices so I can get the firmware from zooz through their rather arduous verification process.

I just finished my month long fight with ZWave mesh instability.
Everything was OK with the C-5 hub but just switching to the C-7 hub
resulted in few hub crashes and almost 100% dead entire ZWave network.