Everything is working perfectly! Should I update?

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@Hal3 They recommend you update to the latest as there are many improvements and bug fixes. To see all the changes and fixes read this Release 2.2.8 Available

Which platform version are you running now?

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I just updated to

One of my iBlinds stopped working and I think my LIFX app is throwing errors now.


That’s a pretty minor upgrade, so unless you are affected by one of the bugs they squashed in the hotfixes since came out, it probably doesn’t really matter too much either way.

If you’re concerned the update you just did is responsible for something not working right anymore, you can always revert by restoring a backup to see if that helps.

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There is a general IT rule to always keep stuff updated that way you can be sure of having the latest security standards. I usually update unless I have a particular reason not to.

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I haven't seen this in a long time!

Very odd.

I backed up from cloud 152.

The database is small again but the hub is refusing to roll back the version.

i know i'm gonna get a lot of flack for this, but i'm of the mindset "if it ain't broke don't fix it". i'm still running a 2.2.6 firmware since everything works. i don't need the latest version for stuff to work since everything is already working. i can use my firewall to address security concerns.

even on some other equipment, i'm not on the latest version just because of other people's experiences with it, they've received more headache than benefit from the upgrade.

just in general, across multiple platforms, over the past few years i've seen firmware released that seemed to have caused more issues than fix. while yes they did address some CVEs, the wait for the fix to the new bugs would lead to people operating in degraded states for anywhere from days to months. that has lead to me being hesitant on upgrading a lot of platforms

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There’s no one size fits all answer. It really depends what version one is currently running, what’s the most up to date version, which bugs have been squashed, new features released, vulnerabilities patched (if any), etc.


And then there's the corollary to that rule:

Always wait until service pack 1.


I had been updating regularly for a while but I am going back to not updating unless I have an issue addressed by the update.

Of course, people who choose not to update probably oughtn't to bother the devs with bug reports until they have, or at least make it very clear what build they are using.


To each his own. Only thing that really matters in the end is that it work for you how you want it to.

I like to stay up on the current platform version. I will usually grab the first two or three updates after a new platform is released, only because I figure those are probably fixes for the most glaring bugs missed in Beta. After that Ill let it roll for a wile if everything in humming along. My system is comparatively small, and I try to stick with a few certain brands rather than having a bunch of stuff from many manufacturers. The reality is a lot of these things probably don't have anything to do with me anyway.

I'm running a very solid C4/zigbee network and prefer the old Iris devices when I can get them. I usually update right away but I'll let it lag a bit if I see Bruce's avatar frequently in the forums. When a new version of RM is released there are always a few little fires that need stamping out.

Fresh update 48 hours after the last one.

I’m in the same boat. My hubs are at and are working pretty flawlessly. I know that there are a few new features, but right now I’m in the mindset of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I just know if I update firmware, I’ll be debugging forever to get back to where I’m at now.

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I couldn't stand it.
I updated to
Everything is still working!


Stuff doesn't usually get broken when updating. I see constant messages about "This update broke my zigbee/z-wave" or "My devices aren't working anymore". 9 times out of 10 it's because while the code has been tightened, it exposes errors on their hubs such as ghosts, or need to strengthen their mesh (z-wave or zigbee). The biggest things I've seen on the current release is rule machine 5 because we have a lot of talented RM5 users (I am certainly not one of them) that knows how the logic should run and @bravenel is a goddamned machine cranking out those bug fixes as soon as the userbase at large finds them. (Face it, you can only find so much in beta :stuck_out_tongue: )

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