Everything is broken

So i have 4 Ikea lights and one fyrtur blind and nothing seems to be working as it is supposed to. The blinds do not work in homekit (as soon as they are added all devices go unresponsive). They worked for about 2-3 weeks but then just stopped. I have tried different drivers deleting a nuking until finally i found a work around. Everything was working ok but now the ikea bulb has stopped responding. Both hubitat and homekit reflect the same thing, but the bulb does not respond at all to commands given in either.

Any suggestions? I am at the end of my rope and am greatly regretting getting this hub.

Are these your only zigbee devices?

If so, your issues could be explained by a weak zigbee mesh.

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In addition to the above...

Being these Ikea devices are Zigbee, Wifi interference can also play part into things failing.

  • What channel is your Hubitat Zigbee on? (Settings tab, Zigbee Settings)

  • What channel is your Wifi using?

  • What brand and model is your Wifi router? Also is this a mesh router?

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Thanks guys for the suggestions. I do have another ikea repeater I forgot to mention about. As for zigbee products i also have 15 hue devices (ch11)on the hue hub and 11 aqara (ch15) devices on their hub. Those all work fine throughout my smarthome. And Hubitat (ch25)

As for router I have 5 tplink decco device (3x20 and 2m5) with 3 of them using a wired backhaul.(2.4 ch3 and 5 ch149)

The blinds work around and the rest of the bulbs(all white) all work still and they are all the furthest away with the one that is not responding (colour changing)being about 10-15 feet from the hub.

Was tempted to start moving over some of the aqara and hue devices but a little hesitant due to the hubitat system being so un-reliable and the aqara devices not being officially supported.