Every Time It Rains, I Seem To Lose My Outdoor Hue Motion Sensor

Just now, I noticed it hadn't checked in for a while.
It's been raining.
This has happened before with rain.
Then, I would bring it closer to the house, and it'd re-establish comms.
This time, I'm going to let it ride and see what happens.
Anyone else?

Sounds like signal refraction from the rain. I get problems with the net when it rains. Either that or the sensor getting confused values from water on it.. But that would probably kill the sensor.
Maybe put a repeater somewhere nearby to boost if possible?

Impossible. It's hanging off a tree on the driveway.

I like the refraction concept, thanks.

There's also more vegetation, with its attendant droplets.

I have an indoor Hue motion in the plastic mailbox at the end of the driveway, farther than the outdoor Hue, and it hasn't dropped.

We'll see if it re-establishes comms without my intervention. I'm thinking not.

Just to make sure it doesn't actually work, I'm going to get off the sofa right now and see.

Similar to what happened to me, it completely failed but wouldn't rejoin, I forgot about it until I saw this post, had another play around and bingo it's now working fine

Nope. Blew the drops off. Nothing yet.
I tried hanging it on a different tree before, but got some false alarms, likely from swaying vegetation.
I'll likely have to go that route and de-sensitize the sensor with some strategically placed electrical tape.
Too bad. I like the tree it's on. LOL.

Yeah, I suspect that's what's going to happen to me too.
But last time, I only had to bring it closer and it started working again, and then stayed working until this morning.
Maybe that works if it hasn't been off line for too long, but if too long, it drops off for good.
I don't know.

Actually, the package bin open/close sensor, which is an Xfinity, also seems to have dropped off.

I like the rain drops on the leaves (refraction) theory.

I'm betting its the drops on the sensor interfering with the signal but for that I have a suggestion.

Look for a product called rain-x or similar - it's a hydrophobic coating for windscreens etc. I'm betting that if you give the sensor a coating of that, your chances of retaining signal and the ability to reacquire the sensor will improve massively.

Its good stuff, once you get over 50mph with a treated screen, you can turn your wipers off, or to intermittent, the water just flows off due to air pressure.


The gate motion sensor seems to be semi back.
It's logging sporadic lux updates.

But, a refresh or configure doesn't get the normal response.
I'm going to take another walk out there.

How about that, the gate motion sensor works now.
It kicked off the config logs as well.
So, if lux readings were logged, it's alive, even in config or refresh don't work at the time.
BTW, the graph was correct.
Package bin still offline-actually lifted up the lid, lol.

I took out the Xfinity contact sensor, which, incidentally started working again as I was removing it, and replaced it with an indoor Hue motion in a plastic bag. I'm going to label it "motion sensor" in case the delivery people get nervous.

I'll still probably move the outdoor Hue motion, or even try an indoor Hue motion in a plastic bag. That's asking for trouble, although, perhaps the outdoor model isn't really that "outdoor".

FWIW I live in the Pacific Northwest where it's been known to rain now and then. I've had a Hue Outdoor motion sensor on the side of my house in the back — where it's hit directly by the prevailing winds blowing rain. Other than some issues when I first migrated to a C-8, it's been reliable for years.

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