Every night several devices turn off

Several devices turn off around 1;27 AM.
events show they turn off via the Amazon Alexa skill.
To test, I disconnected 2 of those devices (toggled the check mark) in the Amazon Alexa App.
Once disconnected, I was unable to change the state using alexa.
They still turned off.

Id: 812897
Date/Time: 11/20/2023 01:27:43.159 am
Name: switch
Description: Basement south was turned off [physical]
State change: true
Physical: true
Digital: false
Value: off
Source: DEVICE
Type: physical
Device id: 43
Device name: Basement south
Produced by: Basement south
Triggered apps: * Amazon Echo Skill (deviceHandler)

check the hunches in the Alexa App, she's probably trying to be "helpfull"...


Waiting for 1:27 AM to see!

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I dont think that looks like Alexa turned it off.
The "Triggered apps" means that the event was sent to those apps.
The "Produced by" is what caused the event, so the device self-reported the off event.

Show a screenshot of events tab not just the single event.
If Alexa commanded the off, there will be two entries, one for the off command and a second one from the device reporting back that it turned off.

Screen shots of two devises here. there are no automatons that work on both of these devises.

I also have a set of more recent occurrences
showing events before and after

This is showing the device was turned off by Alexa. Probably from hunches, since it is the middle of the night it assumes everyone is sleeping if no other activity is detected. Somewhere in the Alexa app you can see the hunches history, or just totally turn it off.

In the hubitat amazon alexa app, had deselected the devises. They were not connected.
However, I had a scene that set the color values and intensity for over-nite.
I deselected that also, we will see if that helps.

It would be impossible for the above event to be logged if they were not shared to Alexa via the app. Make sure you press DONE at the bottom of the app after making changes to send to Amazon. Double check the app and the "In Use By" at the bottom of the device page.

thanks, I confirmed that scene is not in use by alexa app.
It shows the dashboard, and 2 different rules