Everspring flood detector ST812-2 hangs on dicsovery

Has anyone gotten this to work with Hubitat? So far I've got it to discover twice but both times it got stuck at this screen. It doesn't show in devices and if I click off the discovery screen it just disappears.

The first thing weird is the 00, there it should the device network ID and it can't be 00. Are you pairing it near the hub? I don't have the device.

About five feet away, I have moved it out to about ten feet and in closer to about three feet but that doesn't seem to matter.

Ok, did you tried to factory reset the device?

I had tried that before but tried again after you mentioned it and now I did get a little further along.

That does look more promising now but still not moving beyond that page and its beeping. Something else to work on when I get back home later. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback.

That's much better, find the device in the devices page,

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