Events For Water Sensors - What Should I Do?

I plan on purchasing some water sensors but haven't got a real good grasp on what they might trigger. Maybe an email or some kind of notification to my phone??? Can that be done? Would I need IFTT to accomplish that? Eventually I'd like to have a water solenoid that would turn the water off to the house in the event of a water detection event but short of that, what else is beneficial?

Mine send me a message using Pushover.


You can also set water sensors triggering to be an HSM event to cause a variety of notifications.

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HVAC condensate pans overflowing are probably one of the top water damage events,


Besides a Notification to my cell, my Rule puts selected interior house lights (Basement, Lower Hall, Kitchen, Upper Hall) in "blink" mode. Catches your attention if you're in the house. This actually saved my butt on Thursday night, when a leaking sliding door dumped water into my basement; we were watching TV in the living room when the kitchen lights started signalling.

When all is "dry" again, the Rule just turns those same lights ON.

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Great ideas, everyone! Thanks.

Other than toilet wax seals leaking around the base, icemaker connections behind refrigerators are a common place for small, but long-term leaks to cause a lot of rot in the floor/subfloor/baseboard/wall shoe.

I think that the most beneficial thing to do is to shut off the water!

I've got a z-wave shutoff valve at the main water feed and hot water heater -- if a sensor is "wet", the valves get closed.

In practice, this results in almost no water spilling -- faucets shut off immediately, and the biggest leak aside from a hot water heater would be a toilet tank draining (~1gal, 4L for those of you using sane SI units).

The shutoff happens almost instantly.

Example product:

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This is exactly what I want to do. I had no idea they were that inexpensive. I had a water solenoid in my dental office which was not in any way automated but it worked by merely flipping a switch on the wall. That thing cost me about $1200 if memory serves......and that was like 18 years ago without the automation.

I just watched the video. It looks like that thing has a pretty big swing. Will a typical exterior wall space accommodate this?

The automated shutoff mechanism requires about 1/2~1" more clearance than the handle of the ball-valve itself.

As for a "typical wall exterior space" long is a piece of string?

Seriously, there is no such thing as a "typical wall exterior space". My house has at least 6 different 1/4-turn ball valves on various water pipes, each with different clearance. Only one (accessible from a cut-out inside a kitchen cabinet) would have any trouble mounting a Dome or similar shutoff valve.

There are in-line shutoff valves that require less space...but they're more expensive and require a plumber for the install.

I have the fortrezz shutoff valve on my main water line. This is a bit of an expensive option plus you need to have it installed...unless you are a plumber. It does work well to cut off the whole house if a leak is detected. That's nice piece of mind when I am away.