Event Engine Question

I'm trying to turn off some lights every 10 minutes. It works in RM and I think I got it working in Event Engine but I really want it to execute on the ten minute interval. ie. 10min after the hour, 20 min, 30min, 40min, 50min and at the top of the hour. Is there a way to set the trigger that way as opposed to every 10 minutes which depending on when the rule is paused and restarted does not fire at those specific markers?

Think I CAN do this if I understand the cron job right... trying this setting 0 0,10,20,30,40,50 0 ? * * *

Yeah I downloaded periodic expressions and tried this but its not firing. Yours is slightly different so will give it a go.


I might have a error somewhere but I don's see where/how. Is it possible periodic scheduling doesnt work? I've tried multiple expressions of the same thing - every 10 minutes starting at 0 as well as on the 10-20-30-ect.

I've cut this thing down to just one trigger and its not firing, The lights flip off when you save the rule, so I assume it does that as an initial execution but it does not fire every 10 minutes.

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