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Even though my timezone is properly set. The events check-in is in WET.
I'm on Europe/Lisbon. I tried with Europe/London (same timezone) and had same results.


Did you reboot after changing time zones? IIRC that fixed it for me. Was awhile ago though.

Reboot it a few times

Your old logs won't change timestamps, but new events should have the correct time. In my case going from UTC/GMT to UTC-7 (MST) the new logs that were generated were being sorted earlier than the old logs, so I had to go back a page or two to see the most recent stuff, at least for the first 7 hours after changing time zone. Make sure that's not happening in your case.

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Just Rebooted again, just in case.
Than trigger a motion sensor. Reporte still in WET

Exactly what happened to me with my second hub. I reached out to support only to realize that the new logs were correct...just hidden behind the old incorrect logs. 1 day later...all is good.

Isn't Lisbon and WET the same this time of year and in WEST in the summer? WET is UTC +0, which is your correct time right now, right? WEST is UTC +1 so that would be correct once DST kicks in.


However there is something i Just found out. This has nothing to do with logs.

When you go into Hub Details...
You get this:

Apparently there is another place for you to define your time zone. Here you can force an update from your browser time. But I'm guessing that i need to try to understand the implications.
Regardless update your time from browser seems a bad option. It should be through Nntp based on your time zone.

This is there only for people who use their hubs offline and need a way to sync time manually.

Yes this is correct, however using WET and WEST is known to create time disparities in some devices (don't ask me why because I don't know). In Europe we use either GMT or GMT+1 and CET because of this.

Edit: pressing update from browser time updated log time and I no longer see the 1 h difference.

Let see how it holds.

For those interested in know more about timezones and their complexity.
This is a nice summary: The Complexity of Time Data Programming

As issue is solved I will close the Topic.
As a final recommendation for devs is to use UTC time and than convert the timestamp display to the selected user timezone. Storing time stamps in UTC is better overall than store the times in local time.

@bravenel @mike.maxwell @Cobra fyi :wink:

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