Eurotronic Air Quality and Z-Wave Spirit in Association

dear friends, after much experimentation I was able to get the thermostat and sensor combination to work. now the thermostat uses the temperature information from the sensor and it works and works stably.
what does that require: thermostat driver driver for the sensor

3. an innovelli program for creating associations. my drivers are adapted to work with this program.
4.include in the thermostat driver receiving the temperature from the sensor
5.Create an association in the innovelli program between the sensor and the thermostat
6. The most important thing, without which this pair does not work, is to create a rule in the rule machine. trigger - temperature change from the sensor, condition - the thermostat is not turned off. action - poll.
and everything works like a clock.

the problem of the thermostat is that it does not come out of standby mode when the sensor sends data about a new temperature, this must be done by the hub. therefore this is the rule. how to check my words? very simple, using the Power level class.

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dear friends, after a long development, I present to you a new driver for the Eurotronic thermostat with the ability to receive temperature information from any device that measures temperature. The method is called "Mesuerment". How to use it. First, in the settings, you must enable the receipt of information from an external sensor, this is parameter 9 of the settings. then you need to create a rule in the rules machine. where, as a trigger, set a change in the temperature of the measuring sensor or time in the range from 10 to 30 minutes, and as a procedure: first save the temperature of the sensor to a variable, and then start a custom act, select a thermostat in the list, select an external sensor as an act. temperature ", and select a number as the value and transfer the variable with the stored temperature. Something like the screenshot below.
No more associations are needed. Any sensor that measures temperature can be a source of information for a thermostat. I've been testing this for a week and everything works great!

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