My errors regarding Echo Speak fills up the log even when I disable Echo speak and Echo Action (and Echo Skill) in the app menu (x out in 2nd coloum left). Is this how it should act?


@syversrobka There are also drivers for Echo Speaks that would need to be disabled as well.
With everything enabled, does Echo Speaks still work even though there may be errors? Errors don't necessarily indicate something is wrong. Since this is a cloud service, it is easy to have congestion somewhere, a few packets dropped, a server go offline momentarily, Amazon throttling connections and who knows what else. Unless Echo Speaks isn't working, I would report the errors in the Echo Speaks post and when @tonesto7 has time to address any issue if there are any, and continue to enjoy Echo Speaks in the mean time.

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Disabling the app is what might be causing errors with the device that is created by Echo speaks. If you are going to disable the app, you need to disable the device as well.

My echo speaks was also putting out a lot of error messages. I upgraded to the latest versions and most them went away.

strange my google link is playing up