Error with Fortrezz Mimolite Driver From Fortrezz

I am unable to use the built in driver for HE because I have a need for the voltage variable. Using the following link: smartthings/mimolite at master · fortrezz/smartthings · GitHub Fortrezz has their latest driver for smartthings. Making the basic changes, HE does recognize it but the switch on/off option throws the following error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.startsWith() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [delay] (off).

Anyone have any ideas/fix to correct the error?


any resolution to this?

Yes, I modified the following driver that now works with hubitat:

Thanks for porting the FortrezZ SmartThings DH to Hubitat. Can I suggest you leave the original license in your modified driver?

Is there anyone who would have time to add to or change this driver to use the pulse counting ability of the Mimolite so that it displays the counts and has a reset capability? I have no experience with writing drivers or groovy. Most times I can figure out enough to make minor changes but this one is beyond me. I have tried several times now but so far am failing miserably at understanding enough to do it myself. I know the device works for this as I can test this using the Z-Wave PC Controller (newer version of ZenSys?) but I just can't write the code for the driver. I am wanting to connect it to a pulse output water meter I have that has 1 pulse per gallon. I would really appreciate anyone willing to help.

Do you have more information about this water meter? When you refer to a pulsed output, does it send a voltage or a simple open and close of a contact? How long does the initial pulse last for? The mimolite can sense both of these things, but requires a different schematic for different scenarios. As for the counting of the pulses, that sounds more like an app then a driver feature.

only found A few references for that function

I have never tried it myself you could try and message Fortress and ask them for more info
I did see on the homeseer forum that it may need to be the newer firmware version is 1.17 on it to work as well and that can only be updated by Fortrezz.

This is a dry contact closure on the water meter side. No voltage from the meter. The pulse time depends on how fast the water is flowing. The contact stays closed for about 1/4 gallon before opening back up. This is the meter:

As for an app, I was hoping to do something later when I learned some more. Right now I plan display the count on a tile and also send the info to influxDB and view it with Grafana. But I still need a driver to read the pulse count and be able to reset it. This device supports Command_Class_Meter_Pulse and so does HE and is what it uses to read and reset the pulse counts. It really doesn't seem like it would take that much but without proper knowledge of creating drivers or groovy, it has so far gotten the best of me to implement.

I have found almost nothing other than a mention it can be done. I'll look into what you found here as I had not found this one.

Tried this. Their response was that they don't write the drivers and that is up to developers to do and that I should try to find one to help.......which is where I am at now.

I found a DH and converted it to Hubitat I do not think it is complete but does appear to read voltage counts
but it is a start for you.
likely have to hit configure to set the parameters correctly but I didn't try configuring and push on/off on my mimolites in the middle of the night and trigger my garage doors.


updated the above DH found an error with the ON/OFF command
fixed the read and write for configure, refresh, and preference relay switch setting
renamed it "Mimolite voltage counter 03/04/2020" for easier tracking of updates

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Thank you @NoWon. It looks very similar to the one I have that I am trying to modify but I will look it over closer. "def zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.meterpulsev1.MeterPulseReport cmd)" is what I think I need to get the pulse counts. I'll figure it out eventually but I'm having to learn everything as I go from no background knowledge. So far I have the driver showing "pulses" but it shows "null" where the count should be. More than I had a few days ago!


I have been emailing back and forth with Fortrezz support and the only controller they know of that does the pulse count is Vera but they did just send me the logs from a Vera controller.
I am at work all weekend so do not have a lot time but here is the info.

" This is the result from the logs using a Vera Home Controller polling the pulse meter:

24 03/13/20 9:03:13.267 ZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate node 7 device 36 class 0x35 command 0x5 m_iFrameID 101/12888576 data 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x2d (###-) <0x768aa520>

06 03/13/20 9:03:13.267 Device_Variable::m_szValue_set device: 36 service: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:EnergyMetering1 variable: Pulse was: 44 now: 45 #hooks: 1 upnp: 0 skip: 0 v:0x9b6818/NONE duplicate:0 <0x768aa520>

The command class is:


And you can confirm this information in this link ZWave Command Classes - MiCasaVerde "

That's the command class I have been working at using. So far I have only gotten a Null response back trying to read the pulses with either meterpulsev1.MeterPulseGet or meterpulsev1.MeterPulseReport. I have managed to change the association groups so that it only responds with the switch state and a MeterPluseReport for number of pulses and also automatically sends to pulse count every 30 seconds if it changes. However, even with the driver set to the Basic Z-Wave Tool it shows a MeterPulseReport coming at the set time intervals but shows Null as the data even when I know it is a non-zero amount. I can read the count using the Z-Wave Pc Controller 5 software so I do know what it should show. Command class Meter Pulse Report is in the list for HE but so far it doesn't seem to read the value or I just haven't figured out something else I need to do to display it properly. I am such a less than novice at this yet and I have gotten a bit frustrated and have put this aside at the moment unless or until some new information becomes available to me. Thanks for the help! I appreciate you taking the time for this.

Will this driver give me an analog type reading based on the voltage input? I have a 0-10 volt position sensor that I need to read the position.

Yes it will.

There is a known bug that occurs when Hubitat's zwave.parse() function operates on the zwave meter pulse reports sent from the Mimolite (I suspect that the bug is not unique to the Mimolite, but would probably affect any standards-compliant zwave device that implements the zwave "Meter Pulse V1" command class). Hubitat (the company) is aware of the problem (see the original post).

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