Error When Trying to Edit Rule Machine Rule

Any ideas, I get this error when trying to edit a rule:

2020-03-16 07:43:28.670 am errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'rule' on null object on line 2422 (selectActions)

cannot provide a direct answer as to why, however you will see many people recommend not editing rules and instead making them over from scratch to avoid potential problems/glitches with the rules.

So im going to suggest deleting that rule and making it over. Sorry I cant be of more help

That is what I am doing :slight_smile:

Did you click on the back button at any time before returning back to the Apps List? That is usually indicative of when you an open menu item that is dangling out there that you never finished the selection of.


Actually yes I did lol.

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Don't do that. Now you need to delete that rule and start over... DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON :slight_smile:


And to think, those words actually appear every time you create a new rule. :wink:

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Unfortunately it's like the CDC telling you not to touch your nose. I know better and have done it anyway.


Congratulations. Let me shake your hand. :wink:


Yes, it is impossible not to do it once (or twice) :slight_smile: