Error trying to access system events


When I click system events from the menu I recieved the following error.

Error 404

locationId 1 was not found.

The Page requested could not be found

If you are seeing this screen repeatedly, please contact Support. For assistance, email or go to

I have my location set and it's showing up correctly along with sunrise and sunset times in the location and modes menu. But I cannot get into system events.


has no one else experienced this? I opened a ticket with support yesterday but have not heard back as of yet.


Did you get the auto-response email?


Yes, received an auto response when I submitted the ticket.


Is there a way to re register the hub without support?


You’ll need support to help with that. Why do you think it needs re-registering?


If you are willing to start over, the option does exist now...


Perfect, thank you. A soft reset did the trick!