Error pages on devices and apps pages after iOS update

I keep getting error pages when attempting to access the devices or apps pages. I’ve tried rebooting the hub and upgrading to version 153 and the issue still occurs.

The error that’s presented in safari mobile is: “ A problem repeatedly occurred on "xxx://"” (similar error access the apps portion).

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I managed to track down a windows machine and pages load correctly. Only thing I did was install iOS 16.4 beta 1 which I think broke something with safari.

Ah, living on the bleeding edge.

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Not intentionally. I had a beta profile installed from the last beta and forgot to remove it before it did an auto update.

Yes I have same issue on iOS 16.4 beta 1.

Dang, I took the iOS 16.4 update and now I get the same error as OP. I can’t access any of my devices which is very disappointing.

I have the same issue. It’s def a Beta issue

If you have a backup you can always rollback to iOS 16.3.x and restore your phone.

Not just Safari, I have the issue on all browsers on iOS.

That’s because on iOS all browsers use the same WebKit rendering method.

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Is this only a rendering engine bug or is there something wrong being done by the UI that is no more acceptable in future WebKit rendering engine?

Fixed in iOS 16.4 beta 2

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