ERROR: NoSuchElementException

I have been reading some in the forum about this issue where one example where multiple IFs running at the same time which i don't believe is happening in my rule (or i don't understand). I am hoping someone can tell my what i have done wrong in my rule (im assuming it is a fault in the rule because it happens in several rooms and most my lighting rules are built in the same/similar way)

sovrum error 1 regel

"mot= motiondetector"

This has happened several times, sometimes when in the room and the lights turns off and wont turn on with motion and the error shows i logs a couple of times and then it will work as intended again. This specifik time i entered my bedroom and lights turned on then i left and entered again and a second later the lights turned off. This has happened in several rooms and seem quite random (as far as i can tell).

EDIT: i did notice in the logs that at 15:59:53.563 it says "Delay Over" which probobly is why it turned the light of and maybe could be a reason for the error?. I thought that if the rule is run again it should cancel earlier instances of the rule since the rule got triggered 15:59:52.158.

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Rules will run concurrently. If you want to cancel the previous delay instance, you need to add a “Cancel Delayed Actions” command at the beginning of the code.

OK, i will try that, could this be the reason for my error? That the rule is running several instances of it self at the same time?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the cause of the error. I know it can case some errors, just not sure which ones off-hand...