Error Message setting up a rule in Rule Machine

I was trying to follow along with a video showing me how to setup my humidity sensor using Rule Machine. However about half way through I get the following error message.

app:512022-02-20 07:52:17.797 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.Integer.size() is applicable for argument types: () values: []

I am following along with the video pretty closely so I cant see where I missed a step that might cause this.

Im using two humidity sensors and using one to turn on the fan and having the humidity compare to the other sensor to then turn off when the humidity drops back down.

Any help would be great!


Did you hit the browser back button at any point of time?

Can you link to the video you're trying to follow?

I did not. I even tried it again thinking it was just a glitch but it repeated itself. Here is a link to the video.

What were you doing in the rule when this appeared? My guess is that it might be related to the sensors you're using, or more specifically what driver they're using (is it built-in or custom?), but knowing more information would be helpful--this is just a guess at this point.

I think I found the issue...trying to follow these videos is a bit tough due to how fast they move. I removed the rule and started over. The error I made had to do with after you turn the fan on you need to set a "rule" or "condition" and the wording in the drop down was slightly different so I picked the wrong one and then fell behind thinking I was in the correct one.

I got it figured out. It was an error on my part clicking on the wrong thing during the video. But, for reference I am using the Zooz 4 in 1 motion sensor and Lutron Caseta.

Yeah, this video is old enough at this point to be from Rule 4.x, and in Rule 5.1, the wording is a bit different. "Condition" is now "expression" in some cases (and formerly "rule," in a different sense from the name of the app itself), where "expression" is an arbitrarily complex combination of conditions (or just a single condition). Glad you figured it out!

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Yep...still learning but pretty impressive non the the there a way to modify the rule without having to redo the whole thing? I dont really see an "edit" option. I can add to it from what it appears but can not delete anything.

Yes, you should have "Insert Action Before," "Edit Action," and "Delete Actions" drop-downs (plus cut, copy, and possibly paste options, depending on what else you've done) below the list of your actions. These can be used to add an action somewhere besides the very end (which is what the option at the top to add a new action will do), change devices or other options for a particular action, or remove an action entirely.

A screenshot I shamelessly stole from the docs:

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Got it.....they were right in front of me, Thank you!