Error adjusting dimmer level in 133

This was working ok until the update to 133 but has now stopped and I've noticed these errors in the log. The rule is designed to run on every minute bar 0.


Have you tried making a change to the trigger and saving it again and then changing it back? I think that the new update may have wiped out some of the scheduled events. I noticed this morning that all of my conditional rules that started before the hub update I performed last night but ended after the update never fired the end events. The end conditions came and went and nothing happened. However, if I went in and fiddled with them they all started working again.

Oh, I guess I should have asked if you updated to 133.

Yes, as I said in the original post, I am running 133.

I have altered it and saved it but the error persists.

Further investigation shows that it is the action that is causing the error not the periodic schedule.

The action is to increase a dimmer value by 1.

If I change the action to toggle a switch it works fine, so it looks like the adjust dimmer command has broken in the change to 133. It has been working fine up until that update.

To confirm this I have just created a test action that adjusts a dimmer value by +1, this also gives the error when I click run action:

app:24442019-05-05 11:15:27.541 am errorjava.lang.ClassCastException: null (appButtonHandler)

EDIT I have changed the title of the thread to reflect the actual error.

Pretty sure @bravenel confirmed this bug [looks like the same bug to me, anyway] in another thread when troubleshooting with @Ryan780 , and indicated it would be fixed in the next release.

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Thanks for that, yes looks like you are right and it's already been found. I initially thought the bug was with the periodic schedule rather than the set dimmer level, so missed that when searching.

Just to clarify, the bug was found in Rule 3.0 not in 2.5. Rule 2.5 should not be affected unless you converted it to a Rule 3.0. Bruce said the problem was introduced in 3.0 when he added the ability to set a dimmer to a variable. So, now there is math where there wasn't in 2.5. All of your 2.5 rules should be unaffected by the update.

But this looks like a Rule 3.0 rule so I'm confused how it was working before where now it isn't. How long was it working for? Must have only been a couple days.

On a side note, WHAT THE WHAT!?!? You are using a virtual dimmer to keep track of what minute of the hour the current time is? Why are you doing that? Is there something special that happens at 17 minutes after the hour that you can't handle through a periodic trigger of it's own? I'm just curious because I can't fathom why you would do something like this.

Yes mine was in rule 3.0 too.

I agree my rule is a bit niche! What I'm doing is trying to get to a situation where I can set times for alarms etc from the dashboard rather than be hard coded into RM. So I have 2 virtual dimmers that track the current hour and minutes and then have other virtual dimmers that I use to set alarm times. A simple comparison in RM then triggers the alarm at the appropriate time. It works really well, until 133 broke it and exposed my madness to the world!!

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