Error 500 - Hub Locked Up - Traced issue to a device

So I had my whole system lock up. I was able to reach the diagnostics screen to do a reboot and I am back up and looking at the logs. I have a Iris V2 Zigbee Outlet that is giving me issue, all the others have no issue.

This is what shows up in the log:
2020-01-15 04:37:36.972 pm errorjava.sql.SQLException: An SQLException was provoked by the following failure: com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.ResourcePoolException: A ResourcePool cannot acquire a new resource -- the factory or source appears to be down. (parse)

I do have the Enable automatic power reporting turn to 1 watt and not sure if that is what caused the issue as it was reporting alot I have changed it to 100 watts now, but anyone else have the issue? Its the only thing I can see that was having an issue.

That just means that it wasn't able to write to the database at that time, lack of resources available. This most likely wasn't the cause of the lock up but a symptom. So, something else was gobbling up hub resources so this outlet couldn't write to the database. The outlet isn't the problem, it's another victim.

Lock ups most likely won't give you anything in the logs. If they were able to log why a lock up happened, then they'd be able to prevent the error from actually locking things up. A lockup means somethings happened that the system can't recover from. If we were able to log why lockups happen, then fixing them would be a lot easier.

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its just odd, its the only thing in the log that had an issue. and I just added into the mix a few days ago. been solid prior. I will keep an eye on the logs.

well now I have a different error on a device that has never given me an issue since I got the system.

errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method endsWith() on null object (beep)

Its a keypad that I have beep when a contact is opened.

What driver are you using for the keypad and what kind of keypad is it?

Iris V3 Keypad using built in Iris V3 Keypad driver

Well, there was a change for beep in the latest firmware that just came out for that device. There were two firmware versions out there and beep only worked for half of them. So it could be related to that. Have you gone into the device and hit "configure" again?

yes I have several times. I was thinking about removing and repairing. And seeing it that resolves it.