Error 500 and Static IP address

I have a T-Mobile 5G Nokia fastmile clone router/modem that has little to no options. Is it possible that utilizing the static IP address option in Hubitat would cause the hub to throw an error 500? It's happened to me twice. BOTH times its occurred after I was working on my internet and setting up a firewall (Firewalla) which has now been completed. Normally this type of internet work would have changed Hubitats IP which it didn't because the Static option worked and my reason for thinking it was the culprit in throwing the error. It may be a coincidence but never happened previous to setting up the static IP AND installing Hubitat-C7. Rebooting the Hub doesn't help. What I did both times, was to use the restore backup option, then the hub works fine. I went back to DHCP mode and for the last few months everything is fine but really need a static IP address for the Hubitat hub. I set my IP address to 192.168.***.254 to avoid conflicts because the last IP address used by my router was .251
I'd really like to go back and utilize Hubits's static IP feature. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Instead of hard coding your hub's IP address can you let it acquire an address using DHCP and then just tell your DHCP server to reserve that IP address? That way you're ensured nothing else has grabbed the address that HE is using. You could also disconnect your hub's ethernet cable and try pinging the .254 address. If something answers you know that's the issue. Unfortunately if nothing answers you still don't know 100% but it's not a bad place to start. You might also try accessing the HE's diagnostic page on port 8081 and see if that replies.

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Thanks, Brad, but the issue lies with this insane T-Mobile 5G Router/Modem combo that's so locked down, it won't allow you to reserve an IP address and therefore went with Hubitat's option in settings for a static IP address. I will ping the .254 address. A good place to start! Thanks for your reply

Yeah at least that would tell you if there's something already using that address. On the other hand it won't really solve the problem! If you change HE's static IP nothing will prevent the router from issuing it. I don't suppose you have any other options for a router?

Wow I just looked at the manual for that devices. You're right - not really much you can configure! Yuck.

Its really insane to produce a router with such limited features. They've issued two firmware updates in the 7 months I've had it but no added options in the router itself.

So your saying , if I use the Hubitat's static IP address feature again, my router could still try to utilize the IP address I gave Hubitat and cause a conflict? So appreciate your reply!

Yeah I mean if that IS the issue (which it may not be at all, by the way) what's to stop it from doing it again?

On the other hand if you ping the address of the hub when the hub is disconnected and get no reply, maybe it's something entirely different and I'm barking up the wrong tree. Wouldn't be the first time!

Where does the firewall sit in the mix? That could also be part of the problem.

It could also be a corrupt database. If the ping test is negative then I would try plugging the hub back in and seeing if you can get to the diagnostics page on port 8081... so:


If the diagnostics page comes up you know my idea is completely wrong and you probably need to do a soft reset followed by a restore from most recent backup, assuming you have a good one.

If that IS the problem the restore from backup will usually resolve it, but you'll still have the possibility of the router re-issuing that .254 address to something else.

OK Brad. I'll play around with it. Thanks so much for your comments, but like you said, if the router issues that same IP address I have to another device, I'll get a conflict. Guess the best thing is to pray T-mobile issues a firmware update with more router options. Thanks again!