Entered DSK, zwave security showing none

I moved into a new house and I'm installing several inovelli red switches. I've had to update the firmware to 1.48 to get S2 security to work. However, on a couple of the switches, even when I include the device and enter the DSK, it still shows in the zwave details as Security None.

Any ideas if this is showing incorrectly in the zwave details page, or why would they not get included as S2? How can this be fixed?


Can you post a screenshot of the settings, zwave details page?

Thanks for the reply. I tried the shutdown/unplug trick, but left it unplugged for an hour+, and then gave it 4-5 more hours once I plugged it back in, and it started working. Fingers crossed that it continues to work.

For all issues that require an unplug. 20 minutes is the max the hub would need to be down. 20 minutes for Zigbee devices to go into panic mode and 1 minute to reset the zwave radio. For zwave radio I think 30 seconds is long enough.