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I post this question to an existing thread, but I thought I'd just ask in a new thread.

I have the Enphase Solar System. There are a few app/device handlers here that show the energy produced by the Solar Panels. I have this setup and working fine.

But I'm looking to pull the Energy usage of the house as well. Does anyone know if this is even possible, and if so... how?

The easiest method would be something like IotaWatt to monitor your main lines.

I've recently start looking into being able to compile energy usage from multiple devices into a single device to get cost estimates based on a schedule. What I'm finding is that there are varying ways that energy monitoring is done which can result in some weirdness when trying to pull them together. Pulling power is pretty easy though, since it's just a snapshot. That's already a part of my app:

I have the Enphase Solar Controller, which does report my power usage to the Enphase app. There are Custom apps here that let you pull the Solar generation from Enphase. was trying to find if there is a custom app to pull the usage from Enphase.

Oh...I see your post on the driver page. That's your best shot for getting an answer. A dev that owns one of those systems with the willingness to add the capability is what you need.

I am not a developer, but if you have a Envoy-S with production and Consumption CT's then you can stream Solar production and Consumption data from the Envoy-S in a JSON format. with the /stream/meter URL. (From Envoy-S FW D5.0.62)

curl --digest --user installer:PASSWORD
data: {"production":{"ph-a":{"p":933.873,"q":110.623,"s":939.06,"v":122.779,"i":7.648,"pf":1.0,"f":60.0},"ph-b":{"p":931.77,"q":112.752,"s":938.273,"v":122.659,"i":7.651,"pf":1.0,"f":60.0},"ph-c":{"p":0.0,"q":0.0,"s":0.0,"v":0.0,"i":0.0,"pf":0.0,"f":0.0}},"net-consumption":{"ph-a":{"p":-462.468,"q":-158.659,"s":668.507,"v":122.84,"i":5.442,"pf":-0.7,"f":60.0},"ph-b":{"p":-196.205,"q":-210.678,"s":611.192,"v":122.673,"i":4.932,"pf":-0.33,"f":60.0},"ph-c":{"p":0.0,"q":0.0,"s":0.0,"v":0.0,"i":0.0,"pf":0.0,"f":0.0}},"total-consumption":{"ph-a":{"p":471.405,"q":-269.283,"s":270.945,"v":122.81,"i":2.206,"pf":1.0,"f":60.0},"ph-b":{"p":735.565,"q":-323.43,"s":333.56,"v":122.666,"i":2.719,"pf":1.0,"f":60.0},"ph-c":{"p":0.0,"q":0.0,"s":0.0,"v":0.0,"i":0.0,"pf":0.0,"f":0.0}}}

Or http://installer:PASSWORD@
in a web browser to test.

This is local from the Envoy not from the Enphase web site.

Maybe this info will be useful to someone.

Do you need an installer account on the envoy to see this data?

I thought this info was well known. You have an installer account, you just need the password. The password is based on the Envoy serial number. Someone wrote a android .apk to "find it" and there is also a python script.

This URL has a lot of useful info but its long.

Search for .apk to find that part quickly, However this site is worth a careful read.

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