Enhancement Requests for Thermostat Controller App

Hi, new to HE - well week 2.

I am using the Thermostat Controller App and a couple of things would improve it.

Well at least for the areas of the world that use Radiators instead of a hot/cool air furnace.

  1. Any chance that the Fan Mode could be optional - has no role in a Radiator system?
  2. Any chance that the Emergency Heat option could link to the BOOST function of Thermostatic Radiators?

I, so far cannot find a way to create a Rule that will put a ZWave TRV into Boost Mode, I can request an Emergency Heat - which, so far, I cannot see has any impact on a TRV.

The Boost is particularly useful when the TRV, being clever, starts shutting down the Radiator Valve as it gets close to SetPoint Target.

This means that the Boiler has to stay on 2 to 3 times longer as the room creeps towards target setpoint with valve that is open at 28% :slight_smile:

If you select Boost the valve opens to 100% and the whole thing shuts off when target setpoint is achieved.

Allowing the Boiler to shutdown sooner, saving gas etc

Not critical as this issue only really comes into real significance if there is only one TRV demanding heat.