Enhancement Request

Allow the use of global variable to set bulb color when setting up Lighting Periods.

This will be in the next release. The way it works is you use a String variable with a hex color value in it.


Cool, thanks. While we're on the subject, is there perhaps a way to implement "bulk" updates to devices in the Lighting Periods table, other than re-capture? I have a number of "ganged" lights where there are as many as 8 lights controlled by one activator. I'd like to be able to set, say, the level of all of them to a hub variable without having to select each light individually. I've done it that way, but boy it's a lot of clicks.

Not at present. This is a subject that's on my mind though, as there is a related issue that surfaced: If you use random color, each light gets its own color. I know that doesn't make sense in some use cases, so it sort of brings up the same issue. I don't have a solution yet... Maybe some toggle for 'treat all bulbs the same', where setting one sets them all (and a single random color would apply for all).

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