Enhancement request for iOS app

Hi. Would it be possible to get an enhancement to the iOS app so it can be launched with the shortcuts app? There are things I’d like to automate so the app is auto launched when specific events happen.

You should be able to open any app using the "Open App" function under Scripting.

I thought so also, but I don't see the hubitat app.

Appears for me...

WTH! I guess it's an issue on my end then. Sorry and thank you.

FYI - I am running the latest BETA of the Hubitat App on my iPad. Not sure if this matters or not.

Ok. Thanks!

So, it does not appear in the list of “Apps”.

You have to add an action of “Open App”, and then the complete list of Apps appears. I just typed Hubitat in the search box at the top of the list and it popped right up.

Ok. I'll look again.

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