Enerwave RSM Drivers

Some of this has been covered in various topics before, but I'm curious what everyone is using for these devices currently. I have several RSM1's and 2's in a variety of fixtures and devices. I have been using @ericm's drivers for both devices, but they throw errors occasionally and Eric is no longer supporting them. I know @bcopeland is working on new ones, but in the interim, I was wondering what everyone else is using and how the are configuring them?

For the RSM2's, I am using both relays... The first to control a light and the second to independently control an outlet. (I built outdoor decorative lamp posts with outlets at the base.) I'm using the RSM1's for devices like a couple of outside wall mounted fire bells, among others.

I added an RSM2-Plus within the past 2 weeks, using the same unsupported driver. Nothing special for configuration. No errors observed, but several findings:

  • Needed to change Debug Logging Level in order for child devices to generate for some reason.
  • Took days to fully settle into my Z-Wave mesh.
  • Takes up to 30 seconds to respond to commands.
  • Requires "refresh" command to be built into routines for state to update in reasonable time.

My application is simply turning on light strings based on motion. It certainly was not worth the time to troubleshoot and create work-arounds. If I was starting over, then I would choose a different and fully supported solution.

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