Enerwave Door and Window sensor - ZWN-BDS

I have a few of these, i know they work with Smartthings but having issues with them on Hubitat.


I've added it as Z-wave generic contact sensor but it doesn't seem to be working.

I have 3 of these. It does work, mine installs them as Generic Motion Detectors even though they are the contact sensor. But, works fine here as Motion Sensor when someone opens. Try switching the type to Generic Motion and see if it will work.

That worked, I probably tried every other option but that one.


Just as an FYI...if set to "Generic Contact Sensor" the "contact" it senses is the tamper switch/program button on the back of these. When you push that it in sees closed, let it go and open.

This also seems to work with my AEON recessed door sensor DH a bit better. Works as contact sensor and shows tamper switch that works. Will see if battery state works over time.

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