Energy price consumption

Hi All still getting used to all this hubitat stuff

I Have a Electricity Power Consumption Meter Energy Monitor Watt Kwh Analyzer at home and I thought there must be something similar ZigBee ZWave or even WIFI but the only ones I can find only show how many watts you are pulling from the socket they do not give you the option for how much its costing just the wattage pulled.

What I am looking for is similar to the dumb plug I have were you can enter a dual rate price so for example between 00:00am and 4am 5p per KWH and between 4am and 00:00 15p per KWH then it give you a running cost.

even if there is a way of doing it with an app i can not find it any were

You might consider an IoTaWatt, you can connect this to the legs in your breaker box as well as individual circuits

Yer but if I put it on a circuit that's a whole ring I just want a couple of sockets in the house

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Smartplugs such as the Aeotec 6 or 7 or a Zen15 report Power(watts) and energy(KWH). Energy is what you want for cost. You will need to write rules to calculate cost, it's the energy reading * cost per KWH. Where I live we have a fixed rate per KWH so it's easy to compute. Varying the cost based on time of day would be a bit more complicated but should be doable.

Thank you.

I have a ZigBee plug that dose monitor.

But That is were I am stuck, how and were do you write the rules to calculate this. I know the math but don't know how to write the rule or were

RM would be your best bet. I have several devices that I keep tabs of monthly cost.

Below is a rule to monitor the energy cost of my dishwasher and a rule I use that formats a string variable that I display on a dashboard.


Thank you so much