Energy monitoring outlet


Hi Guys.. only had my habitat hub a couple of days and am loving it, especially the programming of Lutron pico remotes, tried same thing on st and it was ridiculously slow.

I'm trying to automate my TV, lights etc to turn off when I go to bed. Problem is the TV has same command for off as on. I was hoping to use an energy monitoring outlet that that could be checked against before firing the command. I have two outlets that have that function but have no idea if they are usable.

I have a TP-Link HS110 outlet and an Ecobee smart outlet (this is old and I'm surprised it connected at all), The HS110 does seem to be monitoring energy but I'm not sure how to use that information. The Ecobee outlet I'm using with a "generic zigee outlet" driver, when I click config nothing happens but it does show under preferences "Enable automatic power reporting" and I can select how many watts, but doesn't seem to work as nothing shows up under events.

Be grateful for any pointers


What are you using to send the off command to the TV? I ask because there are often “discrete” power buttons available for most TVs that universal remotes may have.


I've just moved over from HA, I was using a broadlink mini and I had that problem it then (I programmed it using the remote). I've ordered an IP2IR and was hoping to find a solution before it turned up. I had no idea there could be a separate code for off seeing as there's just one button.

I'm grateful for the simple solution! I'll check for my TV codes.


A friend of mine was in the AV business years ago and taught me a lot. Search the Internet fir your TV model plus “discreet codes” and see what you come up with. I have a “Universal Remote” branded universal remote that I can program that has a large TV code database. Often you may need to try older models for the separate on and off codes.


There is a driver for the HS110 (I am the author) (search TP-Link) that reports energy usage. It uses the capability "Power Meter" with the attribute "power". Apps and rule machines can use the capability to link to the device. From there, you can get the value of the attribute 'power'.

You will have to do some experimentation to determine the level when the TV is in (TV commanded) off. This is really STANDBY, so the power will be around 1 watt (maybe two). When using the TV, the power will be far greater. You would check power (in Watts) to be below a value (say 3 Watts).

Alternatively you could get a non-EM smartSwitch and simply turn power on and off to the TV via the switch. When switched on this way, the TV will be in a standby state.


Thanks for you replies. I did find a seperate IR for on off on my TV So may not need the energy monitoring for that. But I'm definitely gonna look into it now that its confirmed its possible because its gonna be useful at some point.