Endless Issues After new Router - Kasa Devices and Google Home (From Nest Mesh Wifi to Ubiquiti)

I recently upgraded from a Nest Mesh wifi network to a Ubiquiti setup consisting of UDM-SE, USW-24-POE, and 2x U6 Pro

I was able to get everything set up, created a VLAN using the same network ID as my Nest Wifi, and as soon as that VLAN was created all of my wifi devices (mostly Kasa Switches) immediately connected to the network.

Now for the problems... At first, I could not control ANYTHING from Hubitat. I tried deleting everything from the Kasa App and re-adding it (this took hours - I had ~50 switches) and it made no difference - still could not control from Hubitat. I thought maybe just changing the IP address in Hubitat would work, so I did that for all of the devices (another couple of hours). This worked! I can now control everything from within Hubitat with no problems.

However, my new problem is with Google Home. I cannot get it to work with Hubitat anymore. I used to have everything in there, (again, mostly switches - about 50 of them) but now when I link Hubitat only about 7 devices show up, and none of them are wifi devices. A couple of groups and my few zigbee devices.

What are you folks doing when you get a new router/gateway? I REALLY don't want to start totally from scratch.

I have tried unlinking hubitat from google both online and in the google home app, re-installing google home app, trying to "search for new devices", basically everything I could think of... What am I missing here?

Thanks so much!

Sorry nobody has replied, I personally just saw this.

I suspect you are still having networking issues. You mention changing the IP address within Hubitat, it sounds like you are using a Static IP address? That is very easy to misconfigure and will cause the issue you are having.

It is typically better to use DHCP in the hub settings, and to reserve the IP in your router settings.

The other thing I have seen on this forum is that the wifi mesh might cause issues depending upon how you have things configured between the main router, and the satellite routers. I am not familiar with Ubiquiti, but I have seen many on here mention that they use it. Maybe someone can help be sure things are configured correctly on your routers.

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I would also suggest reserving an IP address for each LAN device in your router that you want to use in Hubitat, such as your Kasa switches.

And just a tip, when trying something like changing the setup of your switches, test one or two end-to-end, i.e. try getting them working in HE before applying the same change across all the switches.

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