Encryption and Jamming

Hello all,

I am considering to have a new HE to facilitate home security and home automation. After comparing different alternative like Abode, Alarm Ring, etc, I found that the HE provides the greatest flexibility and compatibility to third party devices which is most preferable for system upgrade and extension. However, may I know the following:

  1. if HE provides encryption in communicating different devices?
  2. if HE provides jamming detection function so that it can avoid jamming or alert the user?

May I also know if the HE could connect camera for better monitoring?

I am from Hong Kong which is using UK power standard. I am also considering to have US version for more options on zwave and zigbee devices without smart plug support; or have a UK version but with fewer devices.


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1: Only for locks right now.
2: No

As for a camera any IP camera that has a mpeg url will work in the HE dashboard.

There is no native control from HE to/from an IP camera. All you can do is to show a life stream on the dashboard. There are some community integrations with BlueIris and other solutions, however, they often require another piece to the puzzle( e.g. raspberry pi, other 3rd party SW). Browse around this community, there is some great information out there.

Keep in mind, HE is an home automation system that has the benefit of being used as an alarm system. However, it’s primary purpose is not being an alarm system so features like “jamming protection” etc. are not considered at all.

Can you make it work? I am sure, but there will be some effort required and some trade offs to be made. Just don’t want you to go down a route that doesn’t fulfill your needs.

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By default encryption (Z-Wave secure join) is limited to locks/garage doors, you can change that to any device that supports it, but that is discouraged as it causes extra processing for the communications so it could cause problems depending on the number of devices securely joined.

Blue Iris is a great camera management system which works with most RTSP ip cameras (Dahua, Hikvision, ...) and has a good mobile app however you would want a router you can setup a VPN connection between your mobile device and home network like ASUS so you don't need to open ports through your firewall. You can manage the Blue Iris profiles based on your HE modes to control which cameras should be active based on your presence if you want.

@dan.t @anon61068208 @Terk Thanks for your information!