Enbrighten Smart fan Switch frozen, stuck on

Need help.
I have just installed a new Enbrighten Smart fan switch. It worked great for about a week....Then it no longer responded to any commands. Either through the app, or physically. Right now, my fan is stuck on low and they only way I can turn it off is at the breaker. I tried to reset the device and nothing. Its like it is frozen. The kicker is this new one is a replacement for one that lasted about a 1 year before the exact same thing happened. Even when I look at the logs, the last event was at 2021-07-04 18:19:46.000 and after all my trying to get it to respond, nothing has changed since.

Any ideas?

Well if hitting the breaker and turning back on don't solve the problem (especially the physical) It seems you have a bad switch. It's not so much an HE issue as an enbrighten switch issue. I'd say just replace it.

Did you issues it S2?

I have one of these, and can get it to lock up exactly as you describe almost at will, but only when it is paired S2.

If you re-pair it with no security it should work better. At least it did for me.

I'm guessing there is a nasty firmware bug in the device, but have no way to prove it... And jasco never released firmware updates to the public, so... Who knows?


I am thinking the same thing. I was hoping for another answer that I am not seeing. My wife is not too happy with me at the moment since the fan is on.

How would you pair it without S2? Also even the switch will not function physically so is that possible?

I use lutron caseta fan switches. Haven't failed me yet!

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Yeah.... I am thinking of being my next purchase.


Actually all of my dimmers/switches/fan switches are lutron. The only exception to this will be the ceiling fans on the front porch. Those will be innovelli fan controllers due to not having the wiring I need out there..

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I have about 30 Lutron Caseta switches of various types. Zero issues. And few neutral wires.

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If it's a cloud device that you had to connect by linking accounts, check in the Hubitat Enbrighten app that it doesn't simply need connecting again. I find that a lot with my cloud account devices. After some time - days or weeks - your connection expires and you have to click connect on the Hubitat UI again.

Yes, it is. That is exactly what mine does when it locks up. I have never gotten it to lock up since pairing it without security though, which is what makes me believe it is a firmware issue when being used with S2.

In terms of pairing without security, when you pair it just uncheck all of the security check boxes.

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I just installed the Lutron Caseta system. I am crying for spending the money but it was easy to install. I would recommend anyone to use WACO connections instead of the wire twist.

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Wago lever nuts are the way to go! Been using them for years both at work and home.

Side note, on topic, I have about 40/50 Enbrighten switches/receptacles installed all w/o security and knock on wood, they all have been stable and reliable, including the fan controllers.

Hard to see from Amazon how big they are. Are they larger that wire nuts and do you ever have a problem fitting them in an outlet box?

They are actually smaller and easier to handle than wire nuts, especially if you have more than 2 wires to put together. The only thing is to make sure you have about 11mm of bare wire to place in.


And they just work. Always. I have about 20 of them.

I use the 3 and 5 versions, that seems to cover 95% of the connections I ever come across. It's a tough 1:1 comparison because the nuts are round and the WAGOs are flat and if you use the wire nuts with the wings, etc. The WAGO's take up roughly the same volume but they can be neatly tucked in flat against the box wall. So when they install they seem smaller even though they have a similar or slightly larger footprint. Once you use them you won't want to use anything else. 3 big benefits among others are

  1. you mix stranded and solid there's always a good connection you have to worry about getting the stranded wire wrapped around the solid correctly.
  2. they have an opening on the face where you can stick in a meter probe to easily test the circuit.
  3. !!DISLCAIMER!!! don't do this unless you're experienced, and only if you're experienced, you can wire 'hot' since you only have to remove/add the wire you're working on and can leave the other hot wires alone. When you remove a wire nut all the wires become exposed with the WAGOs only the wire you need to remove is exposed.